December 4, 2020

Healthy Hair Extensions – Get Straight, Wavy, Or Curly Treebraids

Treebraids are a strand by strand tresses extension and hair replacement method that incorporates strands of curly hair into natural hair. There are 2 types: cornrows, and individual one braids. If you are not familiar with the two major forms of braiding hair, the following explanation will help:

Cornrows lie flat contrary to the exposed scalp in a pattern. Styles can be etched onto the scalp. Individual braids on the other hand, start at the particular scalp, extend outwardly along the length of a wearer’s hair.

All of your own hair is braided into the favored format. The commercial strands associated with hair are left out of the cornrows or braids. The result is lengthy, thicker, sexy hair.

Treebraids completed with accurate cornrow rotations are also not too tight at the scalp, which means you will not feel like ripping them out of your head as you would if your locks was braided by a heavy given braider. Treebraids can look modern and elegant done by the correct stylist, therefore appearing more natural than weaves, other types of hair extensions, and braid styles.

Treebraids are the most natural braiding and weaving technique because there are no chemicals added. In addition , hair relaxers are not required just before treebraiding. No heat is required to align natural hair.

Other Methods:
As opposed to interlocking and lace weave methods, no sewing is required, therefore there is absolutely no damage to the natural hair. The result is happy hair and scalp- less stress, no pulling plus tugging: the perfect environment for hair to grow. Natural hair gets the fighting chance to ‘exhale’, breathe, plus grow!

Hair Texture:
Whether worn curly, wavy, or straight, you will find hair products to help maintain your brand new hair style, and help it to final even longer.

Who can wear Treebraids?
Cornrow treebraids are worn simply by both Black and White women. Treebraids can be achieved with the treebraiding slightly hiding the particular braids, or installed with the cornrows showing, as preferred. The whole head of hair is protected and cocooned through breakage and damage.

Treebraids get approximately 3 to 6 hours to install, depending on braid size, plus style desired.

Best of all, treebraids can change heads- both men and women are amazed at the beautiful, professional results!

Remember, treebraids last longer when they are braided smaller.

Kaales Hair Braiding does her magic with curly, straight, and wavy hair styles and has over two decades experience working with all natural, and chemically processed hair types. They motivate braiders not to braid too firmly, and inform women about how in order to successfully grow their hair. Kaale’s background in the USA, Africa, and UK contains her proprietary techniques that help women (and some men) to lead a more confident, and more glamorous life.
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