September 21, 2020

Under Eye Cream – Eye Care, No Woman Should Overlook

In today’s busy schedule where you have to juggle home and work simultaneously, you hardly find any time to look after yourself. This result in a neglected and overlooked you. The first sign of negligence is visible on your face, especially around the eyes, in the form of tired and puffy eyes and under eye circles.

Eyes are more beautiful with an under eye cream

At such busy times what one usually wants, is a skin care regime that’s quick and easy to implement. Here’s the catch. What one invariably compromises with this attitude is the result. You tend to neglect major areas of your visage by just concentrating on the skin of your face. Here you often forget the fact, that the feature that works the most on your face is the eyes. The skin around it is the most sensitive area on your face. The skin is the thinnest at this area and is not as well endowed with oil glands as the rest of the body. It is where the signs of aging, the wrinkles, attack first. Besides this, dark circles also tend to appear very soon as the veins in the lower eye area get targeted due to lack of sleep or nutritional deficiency. Hence the care of eyes and the skin surrounding it should never take a back seat.

So whenever you are deciding on a skin care regime and choosing products, you should never forget to buy yourself a good under eye cream.

Ingredients to look for in a good under eye cream

While selecting an under eye cream, safety of the eyes is the first requirement, and it is imperative that the cream comes from a reputed brand. The basic ingredients which make the cream effective are:

Hyaluronic Acid: This is an ultra-moisturizer that gives the skin a younger, healthier look. It prevents the loss and damage of collagen and elastin that hold the skin tightly together and thus prevent fine lines.
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Haloxyl: The only ingredient in an under eye cream that reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes is Haloxyl. There is another ingredient, eyeliss that claims to have similar effect but recent research have established that Haloxyl is more effective and gets absorbed well into the areas around the skin.

Acai Berry: It is an anti oxidant that removes the dead skin cells around the eye and revitalizes them.

Resveratrol: It is again an antioxidant that removes the impurities and exhilarates and brightens the eyes and skin surrounding the eyes.

GABA: This when used in an under eye cream, relaxes and frees the facial muscles, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles. It’s the addition of GABA in the cream that gives the instant effect of elimination of wrinkles around the eyes.

Argireline: This is the most important and the most expensive ingredient of an under eye cream that reduces wrinkles up to 50% within an estimated span of 30 days of consecutive application. Nothing comes close to replicating its need and use in a good under eye cream. It is believed to remove even ‘Crow’s feet’.

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