December 4, 2020

Making Cold Brewed Coffee

A hot cup of coffee is very common. Hot coffee warms up the stomach in the morning and rejuvenates a person, making him ready to start the day. People got so used to coffee being hot that they thought it could not be otherwise. However, many others wonder of the taste and feel of cold brewed coffee.

But truth to tell, cold coffee is as good as hot coffee. It can also give the same desired caffeine kick in your system.

Many believe that cold brewing is never possible. This is because brewing coffee requires the right amount of heat, such as in an espresso. Applying heat to coffee is fast brewing. It means the coffee flavors are extracted quickly. However, it is not really necessary. You can always advance your brewing so you can also brew it cold.

Cold brewing takes more time because it can only dissolve through certain elements of coffee grounds. About 90% of its flavor elements as well as its usual caffeine content would go through with this. Then, about 15% of its acids and oils will follow. Hence, this can change your coffee’s taste but it will only concentrate on the most volatile flavor elements, making superbly flavored coffee.

Although it will be twice the strength, it will still possess lesser acidity and bite. So, for those who are into the “bite & acid” of coffee, cold brewing is not recommended. In preparing cold brew, coffee beans must be hot-brewed first. Here’s a basic procedure of making cold brew.

Ingredients (Good for 2 to 3 glasses):
Tall glass or mason jar w/ lid for brewing
Container (bottle, pitcher, small carafe or tall jar w/ lid) for the last brew that will be placed inside the fridge.
Second glass for the “steeped” coffee mixture
Kitchen Strainer (stainless steel) or cheesecloth

1. Measure about ¼ up to 1/3 cup of good coffee into your brewing glass.

2. Add 1 ½ cup of water (room-temperature, filtered or bottled water).

3. Stir the mixture. Make sure it is evenly stirred and free from lumps.

4. In order to keep your mixture clean, put a lid on top of your container. You can also use the canister type of container.

5. Allow it to sit for 3 to 12 hours.

6. After this, place the mixture onto the strainer, then, into the 2nd container.
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7. Clean-up your 1st glass and have all the grounds inside rinsed out.

8. Pour the coffee from the 2nd glass back into the 1st glass, using the cheesecloth or finer mesh. This will remove all the fine grinds.

9. Pour your final mixture onto the storage container.

10. Place this inside the fridge.

Although you can not be strictly precise in measurements, you will be able to make the perfect tasting coffee if you keep the water to coffee ratio at 4:1. The mixture can be approximately 2 to 3 times the strength. You can dilute it with equal amounts of water. Then serve with some ice. If your mixture is too strong, just add some water to dilute. Serve with sugar and cream.

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