May 9, 2021

Success Development and Mind Set Training Excuse Number 4 – There Will Be Family Drama

This is the ninth of my series of eighteen excuses people most commonly use, consciously or unconsciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful in any phase. Mind Set is a very substantial part of success development. That through strategies like this and Personal Development can be fun.

People fear the criticism they may get from there family if they change. So many people remain stuck in a rut because of this excuse. Things like I always wanted to own my own business but it would kill my parents if I didn’t have a real job. Or my family would disown me. Let me make this point, I am all about family. A firm believer in family comes first.

I have a wife that I couldn’t breathe without, two beautiful daughters that are my life and a father in his 70’s that I love and admire. However living a life of direct intention, a life of your choosing involves the unquestionable willingness to endure the sticks and stones that may come your way when you respond to your wishes rather than your families wishes.

Now things of this nature may cause family drama… or may just be an excuse not to follow your own path. Remember this point above all others, if you are not happy in your life, how can you shed happiness into anothers. Isn’t that why we are really hear?
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