May 9, 2021

Umbraco Development

There are many template-based content management systems available, each suitable for different website requirements and programming expertise; for instance, WordPress is a popular content management system for first-timers and amateur website administrators who’s website content is mainly page-based, whereas Joomla and Drupal tend to be suited to more complex websites with varied content, but in turn these CMS also require more expertise to fully exploit their capabilities.

There is, however, one open source content management that is emerging as an accommodating, powerful and flexible option, and that option is Umbraco. Released in 2004, by 2009 CMS Wire had named it as a leading.NET-based open source CMS and it has steadily acquired an increase in recognition. In fact, Umbraco is now placed in the Top 5 most popular downloads from the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Umbraco Development

Umbraco is actually written in C# on the Microsoft Platform, and offers one of the fastest and most adaptable content management systems currently available. As an open-source product, Umbraco development is unrelenting – one of the many reasons that Umbraco is also considered one of the most scalable and accessible CMS systems on the market.

Umbraco is the content management system of choice for many high-profile websites, including GQ, the ASP.NET site, as well as But because of its flexibility and suitability to a variety of website content, it can also be built from scratch according to individual requirements.
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Here is an idea of just some of the capabilities of a CMS built with Umbraco:

Easy website content editing via the simple but comprehensive WYSIWYG editor – formatting is done via CSS and is standards compliant
Library services
Imaging tools and speedy graphic production for headers, etc.
Blog publishing, with easy-to-use image management, advertising and blog editing
Uncomplicated blog and page content editing/management in Microsoft Word
Rapid site content updates via desktop publications Live Writer and MS Word
Website version control for extra security
Quick and efficient multi-lingual page implementation, including localised interfaces
Scalable CMS that grows with your website
Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Umbraco development is that the Umbraco user interface can also be customised, so that new functionalities can be added in the preferred.NET language. Quite simply, this offers a myriad of options for clients who are looking for a content management system that bends to their requirements, rather than trying to fit their website around a more rigid CMS option.

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